Uses of GRC

It can be moulded to produce modern, innovative shapes as well as reproducing traditional historic features.

It can be produced in a variety of colours, either by the use of tints or fine coloured aggregates, and in a smooth or textured finish.

GRC Uses


GRC is one of the most popular materials used to create prefabricated architectural cladding, GRC’s ability to be moulded into thin, lightweight panels with a wide variety of shapes, forms and surface finishes makes it a favourite with architects and engineers worldwide.

Decorative Mouldings

GRC premix can be poured into intricate moulds to manufacture products displaying, the finest of details. The glassfibre reinforced concrete mix ensures the material achieves outstanding strength results. Thus GRC can be used to produce (and reproduce) the most beautiful and exquisite architectural mouldings.


GRC is an ideal material for use in renovation. Lightweight panels are simple to fix and minimise the weight loadings on the structure. In many cases, this allows the architect to not only improve the aesthetics of the exterior, but also to improve the thermal and acoustic properties.

Glassfibre reinforced concrete


PreMix Glass Reinforced Concrete is usually poured into wooden or GRP moulds. The resulting product may be very detailed and intricate. Suitable for most applications.


Grade 18 Sprayed Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete has outstanding strength properties and is used for larger panels and high wind loadings.