About GRC

This environmentally friendly composite, with its low consumption of energy and natural raw materials, is being formed into an enormous variety of products and has become a staple solution for designers, architects, engineers, and end users for its ability to meet performance, appearance and cost parameters.

GRC is normally manufactured by either the ‘premix’ or the ‘sprayed’ process. The appropriate manufacturing method and grade of GRC to be used is determined by factors such as strength requirements, size of mould, architect’s specification etc.

As a general rule, large items such as cladding panels are often sprayed whilst smaller items may be produced by the premix method.

Glassfibre reinforced concrete


PreMix Glass Reinforced Concrete is usually poured into wooden or GRP moulds. The resulting product may be very detailed and intricate. Suitable for most applications.


Grade 18 Sprayed Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete has outstanding strength properties and is used for larger panels and high wind loadings.